The Delirium Diaries: Part II

As you may or may not know, I am a writer. What I write about, however, ranges dramatically. I can conjure up a well-researched news article. I can interview cool folks for a feature. But I can also get creative. My mind wanders and I'm often lost in my own world. All the books and movies really aided my imagination, I'd say.

I keep a notebook where I  collectively pen my thoughts. I've noticed that the later I stay up, the crazier and more intriguing I write. And I created a special title for those late night (or is it early morning?) writing sessions. I called it The Delirium Diaries. 

Where is The Delirium Diaries - Part I, you ask? Well, it's tucked safely in my notebook, for my eyes only. Why? Not everything I come up with is a masterpiece, sometimes it's just silly or stupid or simply too personal. But some I will share and Part II is a prime example.

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