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Photos of Fall in California

Friday, November 22, 2013

Fall in California is a wonderful thing. And if every day is a blessing, shouldn't it be captured? How can we let these seemingly small yet considerable occurrences pass us by? The grass is never truly greener on the other side; it only looks that way because of the shade. And nothing--I mean nothing--can stand in the way of the eye of the beholder. So open your eyes.

Vans - Red / Hawaiian & green grass // Carmen Varner

Succulents & such // Carmen Varner

I like to reflect. Mainly on the positive things. Spending too much time stuck in the negatives of the past is not recommended. I want to remember how the leaves looked on a cloudy fall day. I want to look back and recall how it was "back in the day."

Autumn leaves & tigers please // Carmen Varner

The person: Carmen. The time: Autumn. The year: 2013. The month: November. The place: California. What it's like: The trees lose their leaves slowly. Some are sparse, if not barren. Other trees are more fortunate; their green leaves lovingly hanging on. There is the mesh of the fresh greenery of living plants and the crunchy browns of the fallen leaves. It's a beautiful chaos. 

List of Nice Words to Use More

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This is a list of nice words. Have you ever found yourself at a loss for words? Or maybe you're stuck in a word rut? "Dinner was great. The movie was cool. She looks cute." How about you add a little zest? "Dinner was phenomenal. The movie was marvelous. She looks glorious." Oh yeah, I like the sound of that.

We need more variety, happiness, and positivity in our lives. Let's start with our words, our thoughts, our vocabulary. These are positive words. They are adjectives for the good things. Note: this list is draggable. Drag it from my blog to your desktop. Share it with friends. Use these words. Life is like poetry. We can express ourselves however we want. Let's enrich it. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I like shoes. I have sneakers, high tops, boots, sandals, slip ons, flats, heels, you name it. I recently bought a pair of black velvet combat style boots. I saw them. I loved them. It was pure bliss and passion. Don't you love those moments? Whether it's for a painting, a puppy or a pumpkin, it feels nice to have such a strong wave of likeness toward something. I adored (and still adore) my Vans Red/Hawaiians I got earlier this year.

Well, now I've added these rad transparent combat boots to add to my collection. They're perfect for the fall and winter months. I always had shoes that left my toes damp due to the rain. In university, I used to walk to school. My shoes, socks and thusly, my feet were soaked all day. Not to mention, our campus seemed to create rivers rather than puddles.

For years, I wanted rain boots but never found any I swooned over. Well, it's that time of year again. You know. It gets cloudy and overcast. The days get cooler and it starts to rain. At the seemingly perfect time, I spotted these. The internet is a great thing. It can inspire you, get your brain thinking, and show you the world. These transparent plastic boots chose me.

I saw. I searched. I conquered. I waited. I wore. I'm wearing. Now I just need some cool socks to pair with them.

5 Films To Watch On Netflix ASAP

Friday, November 08, 2013

Netflix is like the current; it's constantly moving; there's an ebb and flow. Don't let amazing films flee from your grasp. Netflix is a superb service because it's simple, cheap and easy to access. Normally, its films are quick to load and high-quality. 

There are a bajillion movies out there but here are five fabulous films to watch on Netflix. Take a gander at them before they vanish and you have to view a horrible online version or rent it from Redbox. Heaven knows the last thing you want to do on a lazy day is drive to a grocery store to rent a movie. Take it easy.

1. Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn. Gregory Peck. Black and white. Rome. Romance. Yadda yadda yadda. Come on guys, you know this is a "classic." This is one of those films you have to watch just to say you've seen it. Ask another friend who hasn't seen it to check it out with you.

2. Clerks

This 1994 cult classic is also in black and white. Oooh, plot twist. "Clerks" is an essential film for any human who's had a brain melting dead end job. Don't miss out. It's funny, understated and relatable. Funny note: a pack of cigarettes only cost $1.65. 

3. The Truman Show

Jim Carrey plays a guy who doesn't know his entire life is broadcasted to humanity as a television show. Then...he finds out! OMG! What?! So good. Carrey is pure gold. Make some popcorn. Invite a friend. Watch it. Be intrigued. 

4. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas  

This was a random find for me. I put it in my "to watch" list. It stayed there for a while before I read the tiny blurb, remained uninspired but decided to give it a go. Best decision ever. This is a must-see! Two boys become friends. One is a Jewish prisoner. The other is...not. The relationship is dynamic, heart-wrenching and divine.

5. The Emperor's New Groove

So there's this self-obsessed emperor. Long story short, he gets turned into a llama. Okay, this may be for kids, but I'm a kid at heart. I recommend watching with some children or youthful folk so you don't feel awkward doing so alone. Or if you're confident in yourself like me, watch it regardless. This is fun, animated and you can never beat a Disney film!

Stay tuned for more Netflix recommendations! Happy viewings!


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