10 Ways Californians React To Rain

Shut down the roads. Stay inside. Go crazy. Because today is a rainy day in California. We all know Californians have no sense of survival when it comes to rain. We become helpless babies. When it rains, we drive like my great grandma, Ethel. I don't have a great grandma Ethel, but I'm sure you get the drift. 

Sky Water
It's a light rain, no gushing winds. No snow. No polar vortex. I can see the palm trees swaying from my desk. The sky is completely grey & there's a light rain trickling from the sky. It's beautiful really. But it's funny because people act like it's the end of the world. The radio DJs were laughing at the news anchors who claimed this is the "California storm of 2017." It's rain, ya'll.

Oh no! The ground is wet!
I don't know dude. It's sprinkling. But we need it. Other places are suffering from blizzards, the polar vortex, & inches upon inches of snow. Meanwhile, California is going through a drought. A terrible, crippling drought. Seems to me that it's absolutely vital for this rain to come. Let's just live with it & enjoy the sky water while it's around.

Anyway, let's get to the heart of the matter. When it's raining, there are 10 ways to verify if someone is from California. Check for these signs:

1. We wear 86 layers of clothes.
2. We drive negative miles per hour.
3. There's always an accident.
4. We complain that it's not sunny.
5. We complain that it's under 65 degrees.
6. If you didn't already know it was raining, check Facebook. Everyone is talking about it.
7. We are afraid to get wet.
8. We act like it's Y2K & stock up like it's the end of the world.
9. We stop functioning.
10. Life ceases to exist.

Californians are like cats, they do not like to get wet. Unless it's the beach. We love that stuff. Stay safe & enjoy the "storm." :]

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