Food Inspired Fashion

Everyone loves food, right? What about food on clothes? And no, I'm not talking about that dreadful moment when you drop your bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam on your work attire right before you walk in the office. I'm talking about food graphics on clothing. I'm really into food inspired fashion. I enjoy eating, so I love representing that food as a part of my style.

The garments greatly range from artsy to genuine. I love that the graphics these days are so realistic. The gummy bear sweatshirt looks so hyper realistic; I'm afraid I'd attempt to gnaw off someone's arm trying to eat some gummies. They look tasty! Then you have the abstract banana skirt; it's bright and eye-catching but it doesn't scream out BANANA! There's also the seemingly homemade carrot dangle earrings. Too cute. Even my boyfriend pointed them out. I mean, everything says something different about who you are.

My top three items:
+ pizza crop top 
+ grapefruit purse
+ french fry necklace

I literally want all three items right this instant if possible. I would rep them so hard. The fruit medley shoe isn't too bad either. If you had to choose one thing for your closet what would you pick? Which is your favorite item from this food inspired fashion set? Leave a comment! :]


  1. It can be to much, but it can also be really stylish. It depends on the food and where it's put! I really like the skirt!

  2. I think my favorite would have to be the ice cream sandwich phone cover. Its just the right size. Perfect.


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