Berry Banana Smoothie

I really truly very much enjoy smoothies. They're an excellent way to start the day. It tastes like a treat but you're really eating several fruits. It's kinda tricking yourself into getting your daily fruit (or vegetable) intake. Today I made a delectable smoothie with whatever I had around the kitchen.

This is a completely vegan and vegetarian friendly recipe. I'm not the type of person to measure things out; I'm sorry I can't help you out there. However, it's up to you how you like the texture of your smoothie. I like it to be thick, like frozen yogurt or a melty ice cream.

+ banana
+ strawberry
+ raspberry
+ blackberry
+ cinnamon
+ peanut butter
+ almond milk

My strawberries were frozen so no ice was necessary. I added one banana, several of each berry, and some almond milk to get the blender started. Once everything smoothed out I tossed in a teaspoon of peanut butter (I don't want it to taste peanut buttery). Feel free to add a tablespoon if you like; it's a wonderful source of protein. Add some cinnamon for flavor and digestion. I was on the run so a closed container proved useful. Enjoy! Nom nom nom.

Note: this nutritional information is approximate, as I did not take exact measurements. But this is to give you a general idea. Enjoy! Stay cool. Stay positive. Stay updated. :]


  1. I love smoothies! It feels like dessert but it's really just a bunch of fruit...I'll have to try this combo.
    xx Sarah
    sarah kate style

  2. Oh very delicious recipe!


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