You Are Magic

Love can last a lifetime.
Love can hurt a lifetime.
Love is love,
and that is that.
Love can open your heart
or crush your soul;
it depends on who you love.
There are many ways to love,
just as many as there are people.
We spend our days searching,
yearning for that missing piece.
Sometimes you complete the puzzle
but end up losing more.
But try & try & try again,
because one day it's worth it.
One day it's worth the pain,
and all the trouble,
those late nights alone.
One day your heart will feel whole
because you never ever knew
this feeling
this love
this complex system
ever existed.
Love is just like magic.
Some always believed in it,
but some needed to experience it
before they truly understood.
I never knew love until I knew you.
You are magic.

Poem by Carmen Varner


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