5 Things I'm Loving Right Now ♥

Wishing you a joyous Friday & weekend. My sister is in town during her summer break from school, so we all visited for a family dinner. My mom made kuku sabzi & kuku sibzamini. We sat around the table & told each other two things they were grateful for. My two things were: my Nana & my blog. What are you thankful for? Here's what I'm loving right now!

Bath Bombs

We did a bunch of window shopping whilst in Palm Springs. I was drawn to these beautiful bath bombs — I mean look at their colors! I didn't end up buying anything from this store, but I did purchase a vintage Givenchy velvet purse from a consignment store!

Fish Eye Lens

I'm currently loving this fish eye lens. You just clip it onto your phone & you're all set. There's something about the fish eye lens that gives a funky feel to photos. I love to use it when I'm on trips or exploring. You can find a similar one here.

Shirt: Rip Curl (similar) // Leggings: Champion (similar)  // Sunglasses: Oscar de la Renta (similar)  // Shoes: Rue 21 (similar

Mount San Jacinto State Park 

We took at a tram up the mountain & witnessed the glory of nature from above. We saw the trees & mountains surrounding us. It was a haven from the otherwise exhausting heat of Palm Springs. I would absolutely recommend a visit to Mount San Jacinto State Park.

Homer Simpson

I was at Donut Bar trying to describe this donut to Fred over the phone. I called it a Homer Simpson donut because of its pink frosting & rainbow sprinkles. See example here. Little did I know, that's exactly the name of the donut. It was enormous. It was delicious. 

Bee Sting Recovery

As I mentioned last week, I was stung by bee & have finally recovered 99%. This photo was taken approximately a week after the initial sting. I haven't been stung in adult life (I was stung in kindergarten), so I'm not sure what's normal or not. Glad it's healed!

How's your week? :]

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  1. bath bombs are my favorite!

  2. That's so cute that you do that with your family! I've been trying to convince myself to buy bath bombs, but I can't! I don't take enough baths. Mount San Jacinto looks great!!


  3. Great post! Amazing photos!

  4. Oh I love these kind of posts! I too adore bath bombs and I spend most of my time in Lush, haha!
    Thanks for sharing<3
    FloralsAndCoralsx//Our Blog

  5. Love your five faves!


  6. I got stung by a bee a few years ago and part of my leg was swollen for like a week... And I really need to try out a bath bomb for myself!

  7. Those bath bombs look great. Pretty much how a bee sting can look. If it gets worse go to a doctor,took me a month to get over mine.(allergic)

  8. I recently went into a Lush and bought 10 bath bombs, I have no control. That Homer Simpson donut looks so delicious, my God!

  9. Love your post! something different and unique! I really want to try the Lush bath bomb. I'm pretty sure it'll be a great experience!

    Vanessa, xo!

  10. Bath bombs are my guilty pleasure! I really love them but sadly, I have no bathtub at my flat or at my parents´ house, so I never get to use them. However, sometimes I do buy myself a cheeky one and use it for a foot bath. These ones look gorgeous & about the right size for a foot bath (Lush bath bombs are way too big for that).
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  11. Nice roundup! The fisheye lens really creates a neat effect and that donut looks incredible :)

  12. Love the bath bombs! And that donut.... <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  13. Those bath bombs look so cute! That donut looks amaaazing too xx

    Tamz |

  14. love the layout of your blog! Thanks for checking mine out, too. Sorry about that bee sting.

  15. I so feel like that Homer donut right now, you're right that it looks exactly like it. Actually, have you heard of those massive Lard Lad simpsons donuts at Universal?! Now those are huge.

  16. Ah the fisheye lens is cool! I also have one that clips on to my phone but I haven't had a proper play around with it yet - I've got to get on that! Because I totally agree, it gives the photo a funky feel!

    Claire // Technicolour Dreamer

  17. We don't do it very often. I just thought it'd be a good idea since the 4 of us were together at last. :]

  18. I've never bought a Lush bath bomb. Can you believe it? Do you recommend one in particular? :]

  19. Ok, that's good to know. Google can only provide so much information before I self-diagnose myself with something else. HA! :]

  20. Whoa! I've never tried a Lush bath bomb. Do you recommend one in particular? :]

  21. These were pretty big, about the same size as most Lush ones I've seen - about $2 cheaper though. Do you recommend a certain Lush bath bomb? :]

  22. It really does. The lens definitely showcases photos in a new way. :]

  23. I've never been to Universal. Must go & try one of the donuts! :]

  24. I've never reacted to a bee sting like that! Wow! Seems like it must have been painful. Glad you are better :)

    xo, mikéla /


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