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Trends come & go, but style is forever.  After all, style trends are only as cool as you are. Wear what you like. Rock what makes you feel like the badass you are. Out of all the trends out there let's go over a few of my current favorites, shall we?

Embroidery - I am all about embroidery. It's Nana. I love wearing her embroidered cardigan that has flower details very similar to these Topshop moto rose embroidered shorts.

T-Shirt Dress - I've been rocking my grey t-shirt dress for a couple years now. I wore mine here, here, here, here, & here. Clearly, I wear it a lot. I'm due for a new one any day now. This Alexander Wang t-shirt dress just might do it.

Hats - I'm totally into hats. For sun protection & general awesomeness, you know? Catch me wearing my alien hat here. I have a Mickey Mouse one too.

Velvet Shoes - I wore my black velvet boots until they went extinct. Catch me sporting them here, here, & 3x here. I bought some sexy grey velvet boots a few months ago. They look gorgeous. But these red velvet ones are pretty fab.

Pins & Patches -  I got a sweet jacket with patches. I love the versatility of the color & the quirkiness of the patches. I could see myself wearing these fruit patches on a denim jacket.

Rimless Sunglasses - I couldn't get into the rimless sunglasses trend until recently. They're funky. They're bold. They're so me! I like that they make such a statement, but you can tone them down by wearing something neutral. 

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What trends are you loving? :] 

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  1. ahh the velvet shoes are gorgeous! I need to invest in a pair of those!

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. I am loving anything embroidered! I really want to find a plain jacket and put some fun patches on it.

    Amanda ||

  3. YES to all of this! Especially those t-shirt dresses, love!!

    Lee Anne

  4. I've gotten so many velvet pieces in the past year but I plan on wearing them for a long time. I'm obsessed with that fabric lol.

  5. Shannon @ Lady's Little LovesApril 27, 2017 at 9:58 PM

    Definitely a huge t-shirt dress lover!

  6. I really love those black embroidered shorts and the t-shirt dress! Totally my style :)

  7. I love the embroidery trend! I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe yet, but I just love the look of it!

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

  8. Oh I love the drive-ins! It's such a simple thing but for some reason I love the whole experience, maybe because it reminds me of 'Grease'?

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  9. Cute stuff! I feel like a lot of 90's style is coming back. It's so quirky and fun! I've missed patches!

  10. So many cute things! Also those boots... All the heart eyes.

  11. I love everything from TopShop. The embroidery is great and the men's shirts fit my husband great.

  12. These trends are so amazing, probably because it reminds me that the 90s are back! I see it most in the embroidery and patches. I'm getting major flashbacks to 90s fashion :)

  13. There is nothing better than a cute tee shirt dress!

  14. I love the tshirt dress, especially paired with some cute tennies for a comfy look!
    Alexandra Christine Blog

  15. I love t-shirt dresses as well! And I'm all about hats. :)


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