Turning 27 + Reflections on Being 26

It's my 27th birthday! I wasn't that impressed with my 26th year of life until I took a moment to reflect. I browsed through my photos, read some blog posts, & got to thinking about everything I did as a 26-year-old. Once I did that I impressed myself.

Last year I talked about My Birthday Weekend + Thoughts on Turning 26. I said that aging is a blessing because it means that we're still alive, we're still kicking, we're still existing. It's something I still believe in as I turn 27. That said, I want to share some of my proudest moments as a 26-year-old!

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Here's what I did at age 26:

Paid campaign with Truvia

Paid campaign with Taboo FX

At age 26, I was paid to promote shows like Timeless NBC & Taboo FX.

At age 26, I worked with Southern California eateries & breweries such as The Cellar, Aftershock Brewing Co., La Quinta Brewing Co., Ernest Coffee, & more in exchange for a blogpost.

Traveled to Portland, Oregon

At age 26, I created content on my blog for brands like Field Roast, Veeda, California Fruit Wine Co., & Third Wave Coffee Tours.

Content creation with Third Wave Coffee Tours

At age 26, I had my first press stay at Empress La Jolla.

At age 26, I visited explored U.S. states: California (duh), Arizona, & Oregon.

Here's to age 27 & everything it will bring. I'll be heading to Paris, France in a matter of weeks. Then I'll jet off to London later this year. I'm excited to make travel a large part of my life. Age 26 gave me my first dollars from blogging, my first dollars from my social media channels, & my first dollars as a blogging/social media coach. 

I'm thrilled to see where 27 will take me & I hope to have you there for the ride. Follow along on my journey through life & all it brings. Talk to you soon!

Cheers to age 27! :]


  1. Happy Birthday! You've accomplished so much at such a young age! Congrats!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  2. Happy birthday! It sounds like you have had a lot of amazing opportunities this past year ♥

  3. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and New Year filled with more journey and cheers!!

  4. your doing great, i on the other hand is a late bloomer, am nearly your age and i dont even own a MAC *tear* hopefully when you arrive in london u can cheer me up! happy bday hun xoxoxo

  5. Wahoo!!! You're on a great track for 27! These are awesome posts!

  6. Happy Birthday and congrats on all your accomplishments in the past year! Also, I turn 27 on April 27th!!



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