How Living in San Diego, California Affects My Lifestyle

This post is sponsored by LA VICTORIA® Brand but the content & opinions expressed here are my own.

Southern California is a way of life. I've traveled to 17 countries (so far) & I have to say San Diego is a wonderful place to live. You can always find some great views, delicious food, & wonderful people wherever you go. In honor of travel, I want to take a moment to talk about how living in San Diego affects my lifestyle (& probably my blog).


It's warm year-round. The sun shines almost every day. There's always a beach nearby. Although rain may be needed, it's greeted with many complaints. You can wear dresses in the spring, shorts all summer, flip flops in autumn, & then maybe a cardigan in winter.


I actually live in North County San Diego, so I'm not deep in the city or in downtown. Visit the seals in La Jolla. Take a day trip to Long Beach, Los Angeles, Palm Springs or even Tijuana or Ensenada in Mexico. You're not too far from anything.


Living in Southern California means I'm never too far off from some scrumptious food. You can find almost any type of food, whether it's Thai, Peruvian, Persian, or anything your heart desires, but the thing that makes us standout is our abundance of Mexican food. I have the honor of having a boyfriend whose family is from Querétaro, Mexico — about a 6-hour plane ride away from San Diego.

Fred's mom makes fabulous salsa (red, green, you name it). It's just spicy enough that your eyes water but not spicy enough that you start begging for water (but almost). However, she's not always around to make fresh salsa so it's comforting to have brands like LA VICTORIA® around.

This year, LA VICTORIA®  turns 100 years old — yep, they've been around since 1917! That's 100 years of salsas & sauces inspired by the bold Mexican flavors of the West Coast. To celebrate this momentous year, LA VICTORIA® decided to host dinner in four cities: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, & Portland with 100 people per location. Each dinner will showcase the flavors of a different local chef & recipe specific to west coast. 

LA VICTORIA® hosted a San Diego event May 11th but you can still make the LA event June 1st on the Santa Monica Pier. The 100 year dinner events are filled with tasty delights for people seeking out new flavor experiences!

I did my own version of the Blistered Brussels Sprouts & Cauliflower recipe with the LA VICTORIA® Green Taco Sauce. Fred & I were drooling. It's so scrumptious but still easy to make. You won't be in the kitchen for hours. We made one batch & it was enough for four meals, two meals per person.

Oh, California

Although I was born in Australia, California is a part of me. It's where I grew up. It's what I know. I can hear the birds chirping as I write this. The spring air is fresh, gently rocking the curtains back & forth. The sun is supposed to set at 7:41 PM tonight, leaving the days longer & warmer. Oh, California. You are good to me!

* Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by LA VICTORIA®. & its advertiser. As always, all opinions are 100% mine aka Carmen's. Learn more about my disclosure. :]


  1. I finished mine up yesterday! Now that I see yours with the quinoa, I want more! Yummy!

  2. I checked out those events you posted, and they look like so much fun! I live in south Orange County, and I love where you live! Your recipe looks delicious, too.

  3. So I'm definitely getting the feeling that a trip to San Diego needs to be in my future. Thanks for sharing this post, girl. And the food pictures were absolutely drool-worthy. I loved it!

    Shenga |

  4. That brussel sprout recipe looks amazing! I never got the chance to visit San Diego when I was in California, but I it looks amazing especially with your recommendation :)

  5. I would absolutely love to live in America for a few years - and San Diego sounds amazing! I love California, but have only ever been to LA so need to branch out to visiting other places as well! I love the sound of this recipe - I'm a lover of brussels and cauliflower, so definitely going to give this one a go!

    JosieVictoriaa // Fashion, Travel & Lifestyle

  6. I am so keen to visit America, currently saving up so I can do a bit of travelling there hopefully and San Diego is definitely on the list of places I want to go! I love your photos all those Seals looked so relax in the sun! xx

    Tash |

  7. I love San Diego- we lived there for 5 years and I really enjoyed it (except for the traffic on i5) ;)

  8. Aaaaw how cute are those seals?! Everything looks so beautiful - from the weather to the beaches to the food. Here in the UK its so chilly that cardigan season is 12 months long D: San Diego's definitely on my list!

  9. I lived in Orange County my entire life until I moved cross country last year. The lifestyle differences are remarkable. I miss the CA vibe and all the things we had available to us year round and used to go to some of the same places you do.

  10. i LOVE san diego! My best friend lives there so its soo fun getting to visit her!

  11. Jessica BradshawMay 17, 2017 at 2:27 PM

    So fun! My husband would love to live in Cali. I am a Texas girl through and through. Those Brussels look delicious!

  12. I have lived in New York and California. Two of the greatest places in the world. :)

  13. san diego not only has warm weather year round but basically the perfect temperature too, i love it there...and we're expecting snow here again on friday!

  14. Those brussel sprouts look incredible! wow :) and that good

  15. I've only been to San Diego once, but I loved it! It was early February but still mid-60's!

  16. Being from Louisiana, I'm no stranger to warm weather haha. It must be nice to have the weather be pleasant year-round! And those seals are so cute!

  17. I have always wanted to visit America, in particular California. It looks so lovely and warm and I love beaches. Here in the UK we get mainly rain so it would be so lovely to have sun! great post xx

  18. San Diego is one of my favorite spots in California! I can't wait to go back there again, hopefully sometime in the next couple of years!

  19. Adding those brussel sprouts to my list...YUM!


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