Oh Snap! I'm Writing This Post in Paris, France

I write this sitting on the large black pull out bed in my Airbnb studio in Paris, France. I'm facing the miniature kitchen (it's so small!). The windows are wide open. The room feels brisk now because I wanted to let some fresh air in. It felt a little stale, stagnant. It's 8:45 PM & it's still light out. It was supposed to rain, but it hasn't yet. Thankfully.

We got caught in the downpour yesterday evening. It left us soggy & feeling pretty dang grumpy. Today was chilly & cloudy with a hint of sunlight. I kept wrapping my jacket around me, trying to block out the wind. Dust & debris flew mercilessly into my eyes, causing them to tear for hours on end.

Such is life. 

Although this is my fourth time in the City of Light, I'd rather be here in Paris with crap falling into my eyeballs than sitting at a corporate desk for hours on end building somebody else's business. Despite all the hubbub, the walking, the sightseeing, the eating, the people-watching, I've had a lot of time think.

I really want to put all my effort into my blog, my coaching, my writing, my creative journey, my travels. It's ever so difficult to do that when you work 40 hours a week, enhancing somebody else's business. It leaves me feeling so fatigued, restless, & stuck.

When you have time to step away & look at the big picture, you're better able to figure things out. I think I have. Paris really solidified it for me. Thank you, Paris. 

Even if you're lost, every turn leads you somewhere fresh, somewhere new. It's magnificent. You make a wrong turn & end up at a small cheese shop or looking down on an amazing view. It's so nice to get uncomfortable, get away from your own city & witness how other people live their lives. 

There's something majestic about traveling through a long haul flight, into the clouds & then above them. All your worries seem so small, irrelevant, distant. But that flight is not forever. Eventually you come back home & things go back to the way they were, but this time I'm ready to change it.

You'll see what I mean. Not today, but later on. 

Have you been to Paris? Where is your favorite city? How are you doing right now? :]


  1. Awesome! I would love to visit Paris one day. Hope you have a fabulous trip :)

    Renee | Life After Lux

  2. I went to Paris in July 2007 and loved it! I feel like I was too young to really appreciate the beauty, and I would love to go back with my hubby!

  3. I haven't been to Paris, but I'd love to one day! This really spoke to how I've been feeling about my own creative endeavors and work. It's hard to keep at it when you're exhausted after working 40+ hours a week. I've been intentionally making room for travel in my life, because it inspires and motivates me.

  4. Yay for Paris! Glad your trip is off to a good start. Eat lots of cheese and bread.

  5. Amanda | Maple AlpsMay 3, 2017 at 11:49 AM

    I have not been to Paris yet. I didn't quite make it when I was in Europe. I will definitely have to make time to go there though - I hear it's wonderful.

  6. Ah I love Paris so much! I have been there so many times, it is really fun! My favourite cities are New York and London - I have lived in both of them and they are near to my heart. I also love Bruges/Gent/Antwerp in Belgium and Berlin. I cannot decide ;)
    Enjoy your time in Paris!
    Love from Austria,
    Theresa | www.primetimechaos.com

  7. Good for you! Sounds like an amazing and restorative trip!

    Lee Anne

  8. Great post!! I can totally relate to what you are saying! I have left my office job some months ago and went travelling but now that I'm back in my hometown I still couldn't find myself a new way in life. We'll see how everything turns out :)

    Thanks for the inspiration and insight !!


    Seize your Style

  9. Loved this post, your writing is incredible! and I can totally relate, it's so easy to get lost in life! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  10. I love Paris, I've been several times because my sister used to live there. I feel you, blogging and working FT is tiring :( hope everything works out for you!

  11. I love your style of writing! Paris is, and always will be, my favorite city. I say this not because I've travelled a lot, but because it's the first foreign city I had ever been to. It's such a beautiful place and there's always something new to discover.

  12. Nicole Kamai CouchmanMay 3, 2017 at 9:27 PM

    Enjoy Paris!! It is a dream of mine to go!! Best of luck on your journey!!

  13. It's so hard to feel lost, but i totally agree...serendipity shows you some great things sometimes!

  14. Georgiana QuaintMay 3, 2017 at 11:59 PM

    I love Paris a lot, the unexpected hidden little parks, the streetart, architecture, the history <3

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  15. Awww I love Paris! We didn't even THINK to use AirBnB when we went. I must use it when we go to Italy next!

  16. I feel like our 20s are just a perpetual state of feeling in-between, or lost. We'll get there though! I loved visiting Paris a few years back, and it is definitely a good place to work out your thoughts and see the big picture!

  17. I know exactly how you feel! Working full-time trying to make enough for yourself, but leaving all your energy with someone else's business. It can be so tough! But it's important not to forget what our own dreams and goals are. I'm so glad Paris was able to bring you back to that realization! Paris is such an inspiring, beautiful city.

    Sending light & love your way,
    My Lovelier Days


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