Tuesday, June 22
Another long & full day in Haifa, Israel. Another sticky hot mess. The gardens were beautiful. Most of all, each day I love walking around Israel. I like seeing the houses, the stores, the streets. I like experiencing Israel.

Wednesday, June 23
We went to the beach! The weather was not as hot as other days. It was nice out actually. There was an abundance of dead jellies washed up on the shore. I was pretty scared to go in because I couldn't tell where they were! So I went only ankle deep.

Bahji, Israel

There was a bakery in the mall leading to the sea. I got a chocolaty coconut ball; it was superb. It was an excellent beach day. I got a little tanner. There were chairs & cabanas for public use. A simple but fun day. I'm especially happy that I was able to experience a beach in Israel. We went to a supermarket, watched U.S. vs. Algeria FIFA. U.S. won in the last minute. Dinner was baked carrots & potato.

Thursday, June 24
We went to Akka today or Akko as the locals call it. I always enjoy the 45-minute ride on the bus because it's so high up that I get a lovely view of the entire journey. The village is culturally diverse & enlightening to visit. It's mainly an Arab/Muslim area. The little shops had souvenirs. There were stores that sold rosebuds. Akka is really neat.

I like Israel very much; it's so different from other places. We went back to Bahji & stayed there for many hours. I took tons of photos & self-portraits (fine, they were selfies).

Once we finished with Bahji, we walked around Haifa & went to a Romanian dinner place. One meal option was the animal organ platter consisting of brain, liver, kidney, & spinal chord. It was a hilarious experience to decipher the menu.

"Pixels" = pickels
"Likers" = liquors
"Brendy" = brandy

Bahji, Israel

We got a bunch of random stuff; it was relatively expensive shekel-wise & compared to places we normally go to. We also went to a mosque. Falafels for dinner.