Saturday, June 19

I am currently on the airplane headed toward Newark, New Jersey. The flight is around 4.5 hours long, then we layover for a couple hours before we fly to Tel Aviv, Israel.

I am presently sitting in seat 20A; I am responsible for opening the emergency exit in case it is necessary. I am a potential life saver! Rather unfortunately there were no vegetarian options to eat, but I was served salad, carrots, brownie, & a Mr. Pibb knockoff.

Day #1 was, for the most majority, spent on an airplane.

Stairway to Haifa, Israel

Sunday, June 20
Again, the trip has mainly been spent on an airplane. The second plane ride was 10 hours long but seemed shorter due to the vast array of movies, shows, & music to watch on your own individual t.v.

We arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel at around 5 p.m. We rode a train to Haifa & then a taxi to our hostel. We bought food from a little market. Spanikopita. A short day, as all our journey was traveling from Point A to B to C.

Trainspotting in Tel Aviv, Israel

Monday, June 21
Woke up relatively early for Carmen standards, 7:30ish. Got ready then we went to breakfast across the street; it was delish. Yogurt, cucumbers, cheese, bell peppers, etc. A hearty & healthy start to an excruciatingly hot day.

Haifa is beautiful. I appreciate the splendor of the Baha'i temple, shrine, & gardens. I tried my best to capture everything on my camera, kind of like I am encapsulating Israel in my camera for those who didn't get a chance to come here; plus, it cements Haifa in my head, seeing as I'll always be able to look back on my photos.

Meat truck

I walked throughout the shrine/garden; it was hot. My face nearly melted off. I truly welcome the local food; it has been easy for me to find things to eat. I even had some magnificent falafels to eat for dinner. I love the structures here. When I walked around alone, it was eye-opening to see a day of the average Israeli. I saw a few young boys playing basketball. Cute! Then I saw a cow carcass in a meat truck - not so cute.