Friday, June 25
We had breakfast at the usual spot across the street at #77. We went back to Bahji for the third time.  I picked a lime. We were there until 2:30 p.m. Then we took the giant bus back to Haifa & walked about, but almost everything was closed because Shabbat started. It lasts until Sunday or tomorrow night, depending on who owns the shop. We went to a frozen yogurt place: half tart, half cappuccino with chocolate chips. Delish.

Saturday, June 26 
Since today was Shabbat, we had a free day. We ate breakfast, then we walked down the first half of the terraces then walked down Hatzionut, I believe, to Bengurian Ave. We walked slowly, stopping by the Haifa tourism booth. 

Then we ate at a place called Fattoush. It was superb. We got a kids meal,.It came with kabob, fries, salad, & Pepsi. We got magnificent ice cream in vanilla, vanilla chip, chocolate, & pineapple.

We eventually made our way up & recouped with some "cinnamon magic" tea; I added a cube of sugar, which made it excellent. For dinner, we ate at one of the places I ate falafels, but this time we got a huge salad selection, plus two free Cokes & a water. It seems as though all we do is eat, but I swear enough time passed between each meal.

It was nice to just be able to have a relaxing, slow day. We always hustle & bustle about, so that was cool. Plus, we've been here for six days so there isn't much more sightseeing to do around here, but I guess I can blame it all on Shabbat with everything being closed!