It had only been a fraction of my life, but it truly felt like an eternity since I last saw you. Each hour, day, week, and month seemed to drag on unbearably unhurried. Time was reluctant to leave my side, but it came and left you quickly.

After all this time, I was finally able to see you again. Oh, how you'd changed.  I'm not sure if it was evident from my facial expressions, but I tried my hardest to conceal my surprise. Your hair was longer; you had grown noticeably paler; you gained pounds of muscle, just as you had said, but what shocked me most was your face. You aged so much. You weren't the same man I remembered seeing so long ago. The image I'd kept of you in my head was not the same as the person in front of me.

We spent 150 minutes together. You and I. We talked about everything and nothing. We spoke with both words and silence. And just like when I was away from you, those minutes felt like centuries. But those centuries turned to eons the second we said our goodbyes and parted ways once again.

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