This is a continuation from Journal of my Journeys, a series of journal entries from the Europe trip I went on last year. I wrote everyday, just as a way to help me remember. I brought a small tape dispenser, a bottle of glue, a brand new journal, and a plethora of colored pens. A trip like that needed proper documentation! Hope you enjoy this or get some inspiration. Happy travels!

June 28, 2010
Today we ate breakfast at 77 (I have realized I've probably been eating  sour cream every day for breakfast...barf). We woke up at 7:45 a.m. and went to Akko until 11:45ish, then explored Akko a little bit more. Luckily, I bought a ring, something I had wanted to get. It was only 15 shekels. I love it!! Looove it! We trekked across Akko trying to explore but it was hot. 

haifa, marketplace
Marketplace of Ideals, itscarmen

We roamed around trying to get a bus back to Haifa and finally, after much time, we found it and got on. Thankfully the bus was rather cool. We went to the mini Panorama mall, bought Magnum 60% dark chocolate ice cream, then chilled at the hostel. I forgot to mention we got fantastic walnut bread and some nutty cheese. The cheese was like a mix of goat and something else. All in all, yummy. We watched parts of a couple soccer games and I ate pizza for dinner.

hawk of haifa
Hawk of Haifa, itscarmen

June 29, 2010
This was our last day in Haifa. We walked around Haifa and found a pretty cool section where we bought delicious pizza with mushrooms, olives, and corn (weird, I know). The crust was soft and fantastic. There was a sweet shop in which we got a few cookies with a sweet rosewater taste. Definitely can't describe it. 

haifa, sweet shop
Sweets Shop, itscarmen

We took a taxi all the way to our hotel in Tel Aviv. It's nice; kitchen, balcony, t.v. We checked out the beach and it had an excerise area. Pretty neat. I collected seashells again. The water was so warm!  I can't believe the warmness of water at the Mediterranean. I also found a key and a hairpin. I like collecting souvenirs. I suppose that's all.

tel aviv
Tel Aviv Film Nite, itscarmen