A Divine Masterpiece, itscarmen, 2011

These saintly creations are a perfect vision. Here there are no flaws, all is divine, a masterpiece. I inhale the landscape with all my senses. A sweetness enters my lungs--it's a mixture of fresh air, chirping seagulls, and a million living organisms.

Shift Your Focus, itscarmen, 2011

I understand at this instant, in all the time that has ever passed, that even at my loneliest hour, the spirit and soul of every life form which ever existed bonded as a united force, to create me. I am daughter to Mother Nature and Father Time. I have no future for I'll be alive for always.

Peace & Incense, itscarmen, 2011

I peer at my shadow, my hair waves and greets the rushing air. I stop for the last time and smell the roses. I wish I could bottle the scent and keep it with me for eternity. Instead I pluck one petal from its perfect form and lock it in my mind.