The following is a true story:

I was wearing these long red & white striped socks. The top part was green & folded over, like something a little elf would wear. I was wearing black mary-janes, so the stripes were visible through my shoe. 

My coworker said to me, "Candycane socks? Isn't it a bit early?"

I looked at him, my mouth ajar, my eyes wide open.

"Uh, no!" I scoffed.

So I now proclaim: tis the season to wear tacky sweaters, striped socks, & everything festive! I've been waiting all year for this, & it has rapidly arrived. A quarter of my wardrobe is meant for these cooler temperatures. There are so many thrifted sweaters, jean jackets, oversized cardigans, thick coats, & patterned hoodies waiting for their fall debut. But more important than the fall fashion is  the fact that now is the season for thanksgiving!


Let's face it, we should be thankful all year round. However, tis the season to be extra thankful! Thanksgiving is rapidly approaching: the countdown awaits. Let's do some good, send some love, & give some thanks! We must make the most of our time! Have you noticed that life is going by way too fast?

Here's a list of 5 things to do before Thanksgiving Thursday. These tasks are for your own benefit as well as for others. Let's make the best of the holidays, be kind, & spread some cheer. Promise yourself that you'll accomplish these five things. Spread the love! Show your thanks!

1. Talk to an old buddy - Flip through your phone right now & either call or text someone you haven't spoken to in a while. This person is in your phone for a reason, you haven't deleted them quite yet. Take 30 seconds type out: Hey! It's been forever! How are you? Send it to a high school buddy you haven't spoken to in years, or a former coworker you haven't heard from in a while. If you have more time, actually give them a ring & see what's up.  Think of it this way: how surprised would you be if they called you randomly?


2. Go for a walk - Do yourself a favor & go for a walk or a bike ride just before the sun goes down. Nothing feels better than feeling alive! The rush of your warm blood throughout your body on a crisp, cool walk is practically perfection. Plus, a walk is a form of exercise. Remember to shoot for 30-60 minutes of activity a day.

3. Write a thank you note - A handwritten letter has immense power. You could really touch  someone by telling them what they mean to you, how they have influenced you, or a quality you admire about them. Pick someone who would really appreciate a personal & unique note, such as a parent, relative, friend, or mentor.

4. Smile at a stranger - I'll always remember something my teacher said when she moved to California from New York. She proclaimed to the class that we Californians were so friendly because we randomly smiled as we pass by people. She said it was hard for her to smile back because she wasn't used to it. Smile at a stranger! They may wonder why you're grinning, but it's all for the sake of being happy, spreading joy & happiness. Maybe they'll smile at someone else.


5. Stargaze - Do it alone. Do it with friends. It doesn't matter who's there, just take the night off from whatever it is you usually do.  The nights have become increasingly brisk, so take a comfy blanket. Take the night to reconnect with nature & spend the time viewing the vast skies. Nothing makes your problems feel more minuscule than realizing how small they are compared to the massive universe.