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16 Things To Do Before 2012

Life is short. Sometimes it seems to just pass by. Before you can get a grip on reality, a month has already come and gone. Thanksgiving is over. Christmas is coming. Then it's on to the new year. There is no way to know what the future will hold. The only thing we can do is enjoy the present. After all, the present is a present. It is a gift to be alive in the first place.

Let's enjoy this time of festivity, giving, and thankfulness! Take full advantage of December with this list of 16 things to do before the year ends. Cross out one each day or spread it out. Just do it and have fun! Life is short and so is the rest of 2011!

1. Go on a barefoot walk or hike - Get back into nature. Stick your feet in the earth. It's liberating to feel the sand on your feet as you walk on the beach or the dirt  between your toes as you trek on a trail.
2. Donate your clothes - Tis the season of giving, right? Assess your closet. Donate the clothes that don't fit well or you haven't worn in a while.
3. Go on a picnic - Take it a step further and go on a picnic. Don't forget your wicker basket and checkerboard tablecloth!
4. Jump on a trampoline - Come on. When was the last time you did this? It'll make you feel amazing. It's an adrenaline rush, a natural high. 
5. Go stargazing - It's cold, but take a blanket and do it. Find a dark place and just look up at the stars. It's so beautiful.
6. Meditate outside - You can do this in the day or at night. It doesn't matter. Find somewhere that you like, sit down, close your eyes, and try your best to quiet your mind. Sit there until you feel an overall sense of calm. 

sense of calm
Sense of Calm, itscarmen

7. Go on a night walk - A night walk is vastly different than a day walk. There are different things to see. Take a stroll through your neighborhood or somewhere safe. It gets pretty chilly so bring a coat and perhaps a friend to keep you company.
8. Hug a friend - "In a world that has grown more complicated, more fierce in the demands made upon our hearts and pocket books, there is one easy, free gift left. The power of touch." Kathleen Keating Schloessinger
9. Watch a childhood favorite film - It's December. Take a break from your hectic life to relive your youth. Which movie will you choose?
10. Forget Facebook - This may be hard for some of you, but be social network free for a day. Eliminate Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or anything non work or school related. Get back to basics.
11. Read a book - There are no excuses. Reading stimulates your imagination, your vocabulary, your mind. Get smart!
12. Bake something - Bake a cake, brownies, cupcakes, bread. Get your hands in that mixing bowl and make something for yourself. There are so many recipes so just search something that sounds good!  There's a sense of accomplishment in eating something that you baked yourself.
13. Pick a wildflower bouquet - Do it for yourself, your sweetie, your mom, etc. It's an art to create an arrangement out of all the wild flowers, leaves, and other random shrubbery you collect on your walk.

Wildflower Bouquet, itscarmen

14. Make breakfast for someone - Do an act of kindness and make breakfast for someone. It can be your roommate, your parents, your friend, your neighbor. From oatmeal to pancakes, there are so many breakfast options. Need an idea? Try Soyrizo Surprize.
15. Tell someone you love them - Yep, I went there. Be happy. Spread the love. Tell someone you care about that you love them. You have no idea how beneficial it could be.
16. Jump in a pile of leaves - How many years has it been since you've done this? Rake 'em up, then jump in 'em. Simple as that. It'll make you feel like a kid again!

2012 here we come!

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