Life's Little Lessons is a series about the moral of each day. I am a strong believer in positive thinking and seeing the good in the bad. After all, when a horrible thing happens, you can either wallow in your sorrows or find the deeper meaning in the experience. Even on the darkest of days, there is a raison d'ĂȘtre or reason for existence.

Here is what 2012 has taught me, but before you read on, take a look at Life's Little Lessons: Part I. Hope you're having a happy new year!

7. Never assume anything - A friend of a friend said he saw your girl eating dinner with a blond guy. You spotted a questionable photo of your brother on the web. The teacher postponed the midterm paper, but didn't say when it was due. What does that mean? Nobody knows. It's literally impossible to understand what's going on in someone's brain, unless you happen to be a mindreader. There may be a valid reason for these instances or there may not be. Either way, do not presume anything without asking or figuring out the true meaning.  

8. Occupy your mind - There are instances in life when you may feel an internal struggle, something just is not right within. You can't put the feeling off forever, but sometimes it's good to give yourself a break. The only way to make the time go by is to occupy your mind. As a word of advice, do not look at the time. Doing so makes things a million times worse! Read a book. Meditate. Turn off your cell phone. Write some poetry. Take your mind elsewhere.

9. Don't over think things -  A male friend interrupted a girl friend of mine as she was discussing something to say: Stop over thinking. Girls overanalyze things. Both genders are capable of doing so, but regardless of your sex, keep it simple. Don't waste your life pondering about things that never were or never will be. Don't squander your life attempting to understand stuff that you'll never know the answer to. Let it ride, let it be, then you'll see.