Remember: there is a moral for each occurrence, each situation, each day. What have you learned from life so far?

Life's Little Lessons: Part I
Life's Little Lessons: Part II

10. Do something - Anything. Get up off your butt and get out of the house. Or else you'll forget this day. Or else you'll regret this day.

11. Make memories - Whether it's the most enthralling day you've ever had or one of the worst you've ever had, make it worth your while. You don't want to look back tomorrow and say, "What did I even do yesterday?" There are 24 hours in each day. There's nothing worse than wasting time.

12. Make the most out of it - It may not be the best day, the best food, the best date, the best encounter, but make the most out of the whole experience. See the positive, rather than the negative. There will always be a pretty even mixture of the good and the bad, it just depends on what you decide to focus on.

13. Things can change -  The world is a crazy, confusing place. Things change, they alter. Just roll with it. Life is an ocean. There are constant waves, some are enormous and overwhelming, while some are smaller hiccups. Regardless if you wipe out, the sun is there, the water is nice, the fish are swimming. Plus, other people are surfing the waves of life too. Get up, brush your shoulders off, and ride the next wave. Each one is different. Things change, remember?

14. If you're looking for real love, you won't find it here - If you're looking for real love, don't come around here. You won't find love any place you look. The more you search for it, the farther it hides. Like most rejections: don't call love, it'll call you. Love will find you when it wants to. Love is really stubborn.