Every day there is a lesson to be learned. Each moment is new, so life is a never ending experience. Even on the dullest days, there is reason for being. Here is what I have gathered from this short but already fabulous year. 

1. Spend time with those closest to you - When all is said and done, one of the most fulfilling things a person can do with their time on this planet is to be with their favorite people. Don't let the year pass you by. Don't forget those who are always there for you. Whether you enjoy the company of your family, your work buddies or your high school homies, it is important to keep in touch with them throughout the year. 

2. Have alone time - In order to function, it's very necessary to set aside time for yourself. Life's daily hassles  are often daunting, so make sure to have some breathing room. Turn off your phone and tune out the outside world.

3. Give a gift - Gifts are fabulous. Who doesn't love a little present? It shows a token of appreciation, along with the fact that you spent time thinking of that person. If you're on a budget, you don't have to purchase anything. The best things in life are free, right? Give your stressed our roommate a massage. Pick some flowers for your mom. Take your precious puppy out for a walk. Everyone wins.

dog walking

4. Help someone in need - In the big picture, no good deed goes unnoticed. If your friend needs someone to talk to, be there for them with open ears. Sure, sometimes their problems are trivial, but you may truly be of help to them. Or maybe your new neighbor needs assistance moving their couch in. Do something that isn't for yourself.

5. Do something out of your element - So you had the weirdest, most awkward experience going to a dance club, but you did something new. The smoke machine, the flashing lights, the annoying Top 40 songs, the creepy guys in ties, and the scantily clad ladies in too-high heels are all a part of living it up and trying something different. 2012 is supposed to be refreshing. Why waste a new year doing old things?

6. Exercise often - We all know that it's recommended to get some sort of activity every day, but many people forget it. You don't exercise for your grandma or your archenemy, you should do it for yourself. This is your body, take care of it. Go on a hike. Go to the gym. Blast some music and dance around while you cook or clean.