If you've been reading along for a while, you'd know that It's Carmen is many things. It's Carmen is a writer, a chef*, a student, a friend, a coworker. But now It's Carmen is an intern. After submitting my resume and then going in for an interview, I landed the gig. On Feb. 1, I began my first official day as  a business reporter for Mihaylo College of Business and Economics.

To put it briefly, my job is to create, write, report and edit content. For instance, my supervisor told me do a brief piece on the Business Madness Opening Ceremony. I went to the event, spoke to a couple people, eyed the surrounds and wrote down everything. Then I ran upstairs to put it all together, wrote a draft and sent it to my boss in time to make it to my next class. You can read it here: Business Madness 2012 Kicks Off With Opening Ceremony. I've worked on several other articles, but they're still in the editing process or have yet to be published.

In my one short month in the office, I've clocked in over 50 hours of internship. I can honestly say I've learned a lot. It's a different work environment than I'm used to. I have a little cubicle, which I sometimes share with the other business reporter. I've become more aware of my attire and dress appropriately. It's  a challenge to have someone edit my work and change it to their liking. After all, I work for them; the writing must suit their needs.

office desk

As a writer, I must get used to the fact that people will read and critique my writing. It's a constant battle, but I'm getting better. I consider writing an art. As with any art, one cannot judge it, only interpret it. I craft my words carefully. Regardless of what I write, I hope that my personality flashes boldly across the words.

I truly enjoy my internship. I get to do what I have a passion for. I get to interview and talk to new people. I'm making connections with fellow students as well as faculty members. Being in the business section of school has exposed me to the importance of maintaining professionalism. I have a reputation and a name on the line.

That's the essence of my month as an intern. I'll update this every so often. If you're interested in following me during my internship experience, check back for more It's Carmen the Intern.

*I'm not really a chef, but I pretend I am.