* It's Carmen is many things, but now It's Carmen is an intern. On Feb. 1, I began my first official day as a business reporter for Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. To put it briefly, my job is to create, write, report and edit content.

It's Carmen the Intern: Part I

Well, it's been another three weeks at my internship. According to my meticulously noted hours, I've worked on, written, interviewed, reported and edited several articles. The only ones that seem to get published are time-sensitive, which is understandable. 

You can read my piece on one of Cal State Fullerton's Business Madness events which occurred on March 5. Click here to check it out: Business Career Expo 2012: Titans Preparing for Their Future. I had an excellent time attending the fair and socializing with students and company representatives. I even scored a free mini notebook; it's perfect for a writer such as myself. I kind of wish I'd snagged a second one.

I have several articles in their final stages of edits. One is a profile article about a business student who also plays lacrosse for CSUF, while another revolves around a group of students who travelled abroad as part of their business administration class. Hopefully they'll be published by my next It's Carmen the Intern update.

Excited for my first day of internship.
Photo by: Katie Keyes

Though this is an unpaid position, it's fabulous not having a manager breathing down my neck all the time. I don't get constantly checked up on as if I'm an infant. I don't get assigned random tasks to keep busy. In fact, most of the time I'm alone at my cubicle unless the other student assistants are at theirs.

I get treated like an adult. I don't have to clock in or out. I can take an hour lunch break. I'm expected to do my work. That's my duty. And I feel I do it well. I listen, I work hard and I work fast. Everyone is friendly and I enjoy what I do. It's the seemingly perfect internship.