* Street art is awesome. Art is on walls, the back of signs, the ground. It's all public, like an enormous free museum. Someone took the time out of their day to make it and display it anonymously. They didn't create this stuff for profit. They did it for the thrill, the joy. 

Some are stickers, some are stencils, some are drawn by hand, but all are rad. Well, they're cool to me at least. I tend to find art when I go out, so you'll definitely be seeing more. Kick back and take a look. Enjoy the art of the streets.

I recently had the adventure of a lifetime when I journeyed to Venice Beach, California with three amigos. We strolled through the beautiful concrete jungle near the ocean. The ambiance, vibe and surroundings are unlike anywhere else. 

Venice smells like a mixture of incense and salt water. The sun beats down mercilessly, but the ocean breeze keeps you cool. A thin blonde woman in a bikini rollerblades by. A guy sitting on the side of the graffiti-ridden walkway takes a swig of some drink in a black plastic bag. Vendors selling food and handmade crafts vie for your attention. But I focus on the Art of the Streets.