* It's Carmen is many things, but now It's Carmen is an intern. On Feb. 1, I began my first official day as a business reporter for Mihaylo College of Business and Economics. To put it briefly, my job is to create, write, report and edit content.

This will be the last It's Carmen the Intern post because...I am not longer an intern! Now that the semester is finished, my internship for academic credit has come to a close. From Feb. to May, I wrote for Mihaylo College and it truly was an enriching experience to say the least.

The position of business reporter was unpaid. But it did come with nice little cubicle, which was my second home this semester. I had a desk, computer, desk phone and comfy swivel chair. I even received a business card with my name, title, phone number and email. It was legit! As business reporter my duty was to write content. This ranged from attending events and writing a brief news article on it to interviewing a business athlete for an in-depth profile article.

I met a great deal of individuals due to working with Mihaylo College. I covered various events and conversed with people outside of my major. I spoke with faculty members, professionals and representatives from companies. I definitely gained a lot of contacts, which never hurts. And I learned how to break out of my shell and simply talk to people.

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Hopefully my experience at Mihaylo College will aid me in the future. It's been real. But now it's on to bigger and better things.