I like to take photographs when I can. Pictures remind me of moments long past and memories made ages ago. My mind gets fuzzy. My sense of time is non-existent. I ain't pro when it comes to photos, but I love 'em none the less. This is how I remember my life. Here's the world from my view... Here's a day in the life of It's Carmen...

So on this particular day, my buddies and I traversed to Venice. It was not too hot, not too cool. The sun was shining. It was a relatively cloudless day. The water was an asparagus green. We first ventured to the pier, but we were too lazy to walk the entire thing. 

After the pier, we strolled to the boardwalk. We viewed the essence of Venice. There's an abundance of tourist shops, an assortment of interesting people and a variety of experiences to be had. It's such a colorful environment.

Of course we stopped by Venice Skatepark to watch on my homie do his thing. I love that you can see the sun, sand and ocean from the park. Check out that guys' weed socks.

We left the car in the two-hour parking, so we decided to head out. We walked to where we thought the car was. As it turns out, none of us could recall where we parked it. I decided to utilize this time to take some photos of the amazing nature which surrounded us. It took almost three hours to locate the automobile, which is longer than we were able to enjoy the boardwalk. Oh well. At least the beautiful earth kept our minds sane.