"Why don't you just wait?" he asked me.

"'Cause I've got shit to do," I responded. I slammed the door and walked off in a blazing rage. I only said six words, but I thought many, many, many more on my walk of fury.

"I can't sit around waiting, waiting for your convenience, waiting for you. I've got my own things to do. I've got my own life to live. I can't wait, sit, be idle for someone else. At the end of the day, I don't want to say I waited for something, for someone to come to me. I have to be the one to go out and get a life for myself. Everything I've got, I got myself. Nobody handed it to me. And that's the only pride I can take from that. I can't sit around waiting for someone to give me something, I've got to grab it myself. Otherwise I'll be sitting forever. And I'm really impatient. I can't wait around for anybody."

So many words. So little time. So that's why I walked away, I didn't wait.