Do you have a bunch of old shirts that you never wear? Why go buy more stuff when you can create something new from something you already own? For this craft, I took an old t-shirt and reconstructed it into something totally awesome and refreshing. I should have taken a "before" photo, but oh well. I'll do it next time. This was a basic fitted white tee with a peace sign in the middle. It needed some sprucing up because I rarely wore it. Now I can't wait to sport this during summer!

Follow these guidelines to revamp your closet too! Remember: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Create a boat neck - Cut directly around the collar. Stretch it out. Now you have a larger neckline that can show off your shoulders. Woohoo! 

Close up of the boat neck cut.

Cut slits - I did simple slits in the back. Nothing complicated. I just cut about five slits in the back and pulled them the same way I stretched the collar.

The slits aren't crooked. I just stand crooked.

Watch this video for some other slit-cutting options if you want to be really cool.

Make natural dye - 1. Boil some water in a pot.
2. Add the outer skin of an onion (the crispy, crunchy part that you don't use). Let it boil, so the colors emerge. You'll see that it's a yellowy color. I added some turmeric to make it more vibrant. Keep it at a rumbling boil so the water gets nice and colorful. 
3. Now you can add the shirt**. I twisted it up and restrained it with hair ties because I wanted a tie-dye effect. Cook the shirt for about 20 minutes or until you can view the color adhering to the shirt. 
4. Wring it out. Let sit overnight. Wash with cold water.

Close up of the tie-dye look (also visible in above photos).

**Note: This works best with a white shirt made of natural product (cotton, silk).

Oh wow! That's it. Now I have a shirt that nobody else has. And now you have some inspiration. Revitalize your wardrobe! Get to it!