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DIY Trinket Picture Frame

It's summer now, so it's time for some fun. Here is another easy DIY project for the summer. This involves items that you probably already own. If not, I bought the frame and glue from the dollar store.

I tend to hoard little trinkets I find. I decided to liven up a plain black picture frame I had hanging in my room. This is a great way to utilize your random collection of doodads. 

You can use corks from all those fun wine nights. You can glue coins from your travels. You can do anything your imagination conjures up. This is an incredibly easy project that you can view every day.

What you need:
- Picture frame
- Super glue
- Trinkets 

Now just arrange the knickknacks and then glue accordingly. It's a no-brainer. Believe it or not, all these objects were found. I legitimately found them on the ground throughout the years. Some I distinctly recall, some not so much. But even these pointless doodads hold a certain amount of memories.

If you think it looks stupid, that's cool. I'm glad these random thingamajigs aren't dispersed about my room anymore. They all reside together in one spot where I can look at and have a wave of remembrance wash over me.

Have fun! Smile often! 

Obtain trinkets + super glue
Begin arranging. Now glue.
Close up so far.
Finished product. Suhweeet.

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  1. Carmen! That's awesome! I am in no way, shape or form a crafter, or the kind of person who comes up with nifty craft ideas, but this is totally up my alley. Thanks for sharing! :)


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