* I love to travel. I get such a thrill out of visiting new places and experiencing life from another perspective. As a writer, I'm constantly chronicling everything. Here's a play-by-play of my adventures to Seattle, WA. and Kelowna, British Columbia.

Hello Seattle!
Hello Seattle! - Day 2

So this was my last day in Washington. I truly enjoyed the greenery, the crisp air and the fluffy clouds. It doesn't get so pretty in Southern California; one must go a bit more north to see that. I visited Pike Place Market and took some photos to prove it. Pike Place has fresh flowers and fruit, seafood, colorful veggies and a countless amount of handmade crafts and items. It's a must-see.


I was looking at one vendor and we got to talking. I told him I was vegan and he informed me of Cinnamon Works, a place where I could find some sweet treats that fit my needs. I immediately departed from him and made my way over for dessert, an enormous chocolate chip cookie with walnuts. I am not joking when I say this cookie lasted me three days. 

After perusing the market a bit more and stopping to pick up some food for the airplane, it was off to the airport. Destination: Kelowna, British Columbia. They gave me free beer. SCORE! Here's the view from the sky. Nice, huh?

I've ventured to Canada before, but never Kelowna. Kelowna is perfect for an outdoorsy adventurer. It's lush, green and gorgeous. Check out the photos from my stroll around town, the Okanagan Lake and the lovely surrounding nature.

Okanagan + Blue


For dinner, it was Earls Kitchen & Bar. Kara was our server and she was simply excellent. Basically, there was nothing vegan, so I modified the roasted vegetable quesadilla into an amazingly fat ciabatta sandwich. It's okay to be jealous; it was marvelous in my mouth. My taste buds were ecstatic.