* I love to travel. I get such a thrill out of visiting new places & experiencing life from another perspective. As a writer, I'm constantly chronicling everything. Here's a play-by-play of my adventures to Seattle, WA. & Kelowna, British Columbia. If you're interested, check out the Journal of my Journeys from my Europe trip in 2010.

First things first, I left my apartment in Orange County & took the train to San Diego. Then I was off to San Diego International Airport. This trip called for flying with Alaska Airlines. I had a window seat & a great view of the earth below. Up, up, up I went through California, Oregon & finally Washington. Destination: Seattle. 

Seattle has excellent public transportation. I went straight from the Sea-Tac Airport to Downtown Seattle/Westlake using SoundTransit. It was only $2.75. This trip I stayed at Pensione Nichols, a bed & breakfast located right in the middle of Downtown. It was quaint, cute, convenient.

The room.

The view from outside Pensione.

The eating area.

Lunch consisted of a scrumptious vegan meal of hummus & roast tomato pizza along with sweet potato fries from Post Restaurant & Lounge. This day happened to be very sunny & warm, so we sat outside. The sun felt fabulous on my skin & the food tasted divine. 

Then it was time to explore Seattle. I've visited the city a couple times before, but there's always something fresh. I enjoyed the Blue Trees installation by Konstantin Dimopoulos, signifying & aiming to raise awareness of global deforestation. 

Right near the Blue Trees was a waterfall walkway, which I obviously had to venture through.  Let's just say I was the only person who ever went in it. Maybe it marked me as a tourist. Maybe someone thought I was super audacious. But in the end, I got really, really, really wet. It was later in the afternoon by this time & a wee bit chilly. Being soaked did not aid in warming me up, but it was worth it.

The water walkway of wonder.


As the night progressed & the traipsing continued, I spotted a familiar figurine in somebody's window. Props if you know what this is from! & that's the conclusion of Day 1!