Change. Oops, made you cringe. Why does change stir us up so much? Change is a part of life. Everything undergoes change. Think of a butterfly. At first it is just a cool caterpillar doing its thing, living its life. Then there comes a time when it has to leave its old life behind and move on. Does it want to change? I don't know, I'm not a caterpillar. But it's the natural way of life. The little guy must build a cocoon and then metamorphosizes into a butterfly. 

Today I underwent a huge change in my life. So I guess I'm a butterfly too. If I'm being honest with you, I'm not completely stoked on it. However, I can't let that get me down. And don't let change get you down either! Change happens. Actually, change already happened. 

We can be stuck in the past and spend the day/week/month/eternity thinking about how things used to be. Unfortunately, there are no time machines (that I know of). The past is the past. Don't be saddened or bummed by it. Learn from it. Grow from it. Keep living your life and drive forward not backward.