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5 Things To Do Before the Weekend

What? Wasn't it just Monday? Wasn't I just in high school? Wasn't I just learning how to write in cursive? Wasn't I just born? My point is...life goes by. Regardless if you're having a fabulous day or utilizing your time, it still passes by.

Don't go another week (or day) without doing these five things. Your goal is to do one thing a day so you can finish on Friday. You may also choose to do everything at once. You may also chose to do nothing, but I hope that's a decision you can live with. Here we go!

4. Buy flowers
1. Write down your goals - Take five minutes (that's all) to physically write down five things you'd like to accomplish this week. Want to wash your car? Write it down (and do it). Want to get your nails done? Write it down (and do it). Want to meditiate? Write it down (and do it).

2. Update your résumé - Résumé. With two accent marks. Sounds fancy. Already have a job? Well, perhaps one day you won't or perhaps one day you'd like to explore your options. Spend some time working on your résumé. What skills have you acquired since you last updated it? What jobs have you had? Any new references or change in phone number?

3. Watch that show - Watch that show or movie that you've been meaning to watch but never "had the time" to do so. I give you permission to sit for an hour and watch it. Did it live up to the hype?

4. Buy flowers - Mother's Day is coming up. Flowers are awesome. There's no denying it. If you usually get your mum something, good for you. If not, now is the perfect time to surprise her with flowers. Sure, they die after a few days. The point is that you took the time to go out and purchase them as a token of appreciation. Flowers are also very pretty and refreshing to have around.

5. Put $10 away -  Get an empty pasta sauce jar (or jam, or peanut butter or whatever you have), wash it, dry it and put $10 away in it. Feel free to add more money next week or month. Save the money for a rainy day. Use it at a restaurant you wanted to try but didn't want to waste your money on. Go to the new Ironman 3 movie. Buy your dog a nice chew toy. Give your niece a new book.

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