A couple weeks ago I went to Los Angeles with Boo. Below is some photographic proof. We walked around Hollywood Boulevard. We saw the walkway of stars but didn't really pay attention to it. We hung out in the car and saw the back of Eva Longoria's head at the parking lot. We were kind of wrapped up in LA, the moment, the night before and where we we're going from there. 

We purchased a disposable camera from some shoddy souvenir store. Only half the photos turned out because the camera was a bit wonky. It had a double-exposure sort of effect to it. Oh well. Some memories were maintained. We also used Boo's Minolta camera. Very nice.

At one point went to a little bar for happy hour: $10 for unlimited Bloody Mary's and/or mimosas. That was most definitely worth it. At another point we used up a $5 Starbucks giftcard I had and purchased a (Mint) Java Chip Frappuchino. At another point we got frozen yogurt (watermelon froyo is heavenly). I can't wait to go to LA again and create more memories. Join me on my journey and help me become one of the best travel blogs in California and the world! :]

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