"feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative." 

Being thankful isn't just for Thanksgiving. Gratitude isn't only relevant in November. Let's be appreciative all the time. Thanks for tuning in to my second installment of the "Thankful Thursday" series. Hey, appreciation is a good thing. Maybe you should make your own list (just saying). It definitely helps in times of sorrow or when you're not feeling your bestest. Since last Thursday I've been keeping tabs of things that make me smile or stuff I like...basically a list of things that I'm glad I got to see, witness, experience, hear, feel, touch, do.

Accidental double-exposure due to crappy yet cool disposable camera
What I'm thankful for this week:

Helado Negro  Jamaican Queens  The Casbah in San Diego ♥ live music  getting more freelance writing gigs  buying new Vans  french fries  counting down to a fun event  "Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites"  chatting with a homie after you missed calls 5 times  Earl Grey tea  making money doing what you enjoy  a surprise hangout session with your friend  giving yourself a well-deserved gift  making someone else happy  your lovebug's mum making a delicious dinner instead of going out & wasting money on crappy food  going to bed when you're super tired

What are you thankful for?