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HARD Summer 2013

Music is the art of arranging sounds into a variety of combinations. Music can be vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having a beat, melody, or harmony. Music is something that humans created long ago and it'll stick around long from now.

Electronic music hasn't been around for thousands of years, but it's making its way to excellence. I was never a huge fan of electronic dance music. But after attending HARD Summer 2013, I must say I am now a loyal follower. 

The light shows, the rhythm, the crowd, the heat of the sun and the breeze in the air enhanced the experience. A music festival is just that. An experience. It can be a positive or negative one, depending solely on you. You don't need drugs or alcohol to have music seep deep into your core.

I saw Keys N Krates, Disclosure, Flying Lotus, Crystal Castles, Gesaffelstein, Dillon Francis and Baauer. I drank $7 crappy beer. I ate $8 angel sent macaroni and cheese. I met cool people. I spent time with the love of my life. I danced until I couldn't move. I took hundreds of photos and filmed dozens on movies. 

HARD was everything I thought it'd be and more. You can pay for the ticket, but you can't pay for the experience you'll have. See some of HARD from my eyes.

Keys N Krates 
Keys N Krates 

Flying Lotus


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