apres-hard // by carmen varner

"feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative." 

Being thankful isn't just for Thanksgiving. Gratitude isn't only relevant in November. Let's be appreciative all the time. Woohoo! Fall is almost here! I can feel it lurking in the night. The sneaky breeze and cool air come right after the sun sets. A cardigan is a valid option lately. I'm lovin it.

This week I'm thankful for:

sleepovers staying up late the smell of a new perfume when the warm day turns into a brisk evening ♥ lavender ♥ free food ♥ a 5-minute rendezvous  1,300 Twitter followers ♥ brownie in a mug ♥ hot tea ♥ iced coffee (with milk & sugar, duh) ♥ healthiness  the countdown until fall  frozen chocolate chips  learning Spanish  persistence  reading a book a night  free magazines  closure  8months! 

What are you thankful for today?