Oh great...it's Monday. Monday is a horrible day. It reminds us of the days of work, effort, & tasks that loom ahead. Mondays got their bad reputation way back in the day when we began going to school. We had class all day every day starting on Monday. Many jobs also adopted the Monday thru Friday routine. But Monday doesn't have to be so spooky and dreadful. After all, a case of the Monday's is self-prescribed. Today doesn't have to be crappy at all. Here are 15 ways to get rid of your Monday blues.

1. Make iced coffee
2. Create a delicious breakfast for yourself
3. Dress to impress (yourself)
4. Listen to your favorite song of the 90s ♪ ♫  
5. Take a long lunch
6. Text your friends "HAPPY MONDAY!"
7. Reward yourself with an afternoon treat (soy latte? gelato? new headphones?)
8. Set 3 goals you'd like to accomplish by Friday ✔ ✔ ✔
9. Do a search for "dogs welcoming soldiers home"
10. Take a selfie
11. Eat a piece of fruit
12. Meditate ☮
13. Watch a movie that you haven't seen in years
14. Tell someone you love them  
15. Go to bed early

Monday Blues // an art piece by Carmen Varner

I double dog dare you to complete everything on this list. If not everything, at least 3 things. Tell me which ones you end up doing! Happy Monday! :D