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5 Things To Do in an Hour

Oh no!! You only have an hour to spare!

Time is precious. You only have approximately 60 minutes before you have to head to class for the afternoon. You only have 60 minutes to spare after you get off work. You only have 60 minutes until you're obligated to spend the afternoon at a bridal party. Lucky for you! You can actually achieve a lot in an hour. 

1. Listen to your favorite song - All you need is love? Perhaps. But sometimes all you need is music. Let it calm you down after a long day. Let it pump you up for the day to come. Let it inspire you. You know you have a favorite song right now.

2. Groom yourself - Do your eyebrows need a little help? Are your toenails too long? Use this time to make yourself look a little more polished. Maybe it'll boost your confidence for the day. 

3. Do an online workout - Ugh, you're too pooped to get dressed, drive, go to the gym, deal with people and workout. Go to Youtube and search "30 minute home workout." There are over 4 million results. That's a lot!

4. Check your bank statement - How much have you spent in the last week? Did you put any money away? Go online and peruse your bank statement. Take a look at your funds: checking, credit, savings, etc. 

5. Prep your food - Make your sandwich for work tomorrow. Cut up some veggies to use throughout the week. Portion some snacks. It'll save you time and effort later in the week.

Attempt to complete all five tasks or do a couple which apply most to you. This is your time. If you feel best doing nothing, then by all means don't do anything. If you want to feel a little more accomplished, get to work! :]

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