Fall in California is a wonderful thing. And if every day is a blessing, shouldn't it be captured? How can we let these seemingly small yet considerable occurrences pass us by? The grass is never truly greener on the other side; it only looks that way because of the shade. And nothing--I mean nothing--can stand in the way of the eye of the beholder. So open your eyes.

Vans - Red / Hawaiian & green grass // Carmen Varner

Succulents & such // Carmen Varner

I like to reflect. Mainly on the positive things. Spending too much time stuck in the negatives of the past is not recommended. I want to remember how the leaves looked on a cloudy fall day. I want to look back and recall how it was "back in the day."

Autumn leaves & tigers please // Carmen Varner

The person: Carmen. The time: Autumn. The year: 2013. The month: November. The place: California. What it's like: The trees lose their leaves slowly. Some are sparse, if not barren. Other trees are more fortunate; their green leaves lovingly hanging on. There is the mesh of the fresh greenery of living plants and the crunchy browns of the fallen leaves. It's a beautiful chaos.