I like shoes. I have sneakers, high tops, boots, sandals, slip ons, flats, heels, you name it. I recently bought a pair of black velvet combat style boots. I saw them. I loved them. It was pure bliss and passion. Don't you love those moments? Whether it's for a painting, a puppy or a pumpkin, it feels nice to have such a strong wave of likeness toward something. I adored (and still adore) my Vans Red/Hawaiians I got earlier this year.

Well, now I've added these rad transparent combat boots to add to my collection. They're perfect for the fall and winter months. I always had shoes that left my toes damp due to the rain. In university, I used to walk to school. My shoes, socks and thusly, my feet were soaked all day. Not to mention, our campus seemed to create rivers rather than puddles.

For years, I wanted rain boots but never found any I swooned over. Well, it's that time of year again. You know. It gets cloudy and overcast. The days get cooler and it starts to rain. At the seemingly perfect time, I spotted these. The internet is a great thing. It can inspire you, get your brain thinking, and show you the world. These transparent plastic boots chose me.

I saw. I searched. I conquered. I waited. I wore. I'm wearing. Now I just need some cool socks to pair with them.