Road trips are awesome! It's thrilling to witness different places, see new people, experience life from another perspective. Who you go with or where to go don't matter. It's all a big adventure. Whether you take a day trip to your nearest big city or spend a week traveling through countries, relish in every moment. These 10 essentials will thoroughly enhance your journey, enabling you to capture your trip and enjoy it wholeheartedly. Let's get started!

1. Comfy shoes - Let's face it, you're not going to be in the car the entire time. Those high heels may look hot as hell but your feet will pay for it after hours exploring the town. Same goes for your flip flops. Bring a cozy comfy shoe. You'll be on your feet, so wear something your soles can call heaven.

2. Munchies - You will get hungry. And you will not want to make pitstops every hour. That wastes time and money; both of which are hard to come by. Go to the grocery store, dollar store, or rummage through your fridge and bring some snacks with you. Bring a small cooler to store some fruits, veggies, water, and ice. I recommend chips, juice, fruit, and granola bars.

3. Camera - These are times you won't want to forget. You don't want to look back at this trip and say, "I didn't take enough pictures!" Take photos. A lot of them. And don't look at them either.  And definitely don't delete anything. Wait until you get back and upload them. You'll thank me. By the time you get home, it's already a memory.

4. Pillow - You're driving for hours at a time. It can get uncomfortable. If you get the opportunity to rest, a pillow will be your lifesaver. Putting your head against the cold hard glass window isn't ideal. A fluffy, warm, and comfy pillow sounds much much better.

5. Map - Where are am I going? How do I get there? What freeway should I take? Do we turn right at the stop sign or should we turn left? I thought that guy said it'd be right here. Spare yourself some fretting. A map can help immensely. You can look at a physical paper map or use your phone's mapping device. Either one works in a pickle.

6. Sunglasses - Sporting glasses as you drive in the daytime can spare your eyes from the harsh rays of the sun. This eliminates straining your eyes to see and reduces glare. Overall, sunglasses can protect you and enhance your overall driving. Even if you're not driving, sunglasses are useful when utilized during a stroll through the countryside or shopping on the strip.

7. A companion - Come on. This trip wouldn't be as fun solo. Or maybe it would be. Depends. But sometimes it's more fun to experience something with a friend, a lover, a relative, a stranger. It's nice to have someone there as you drive in silence or sing terribly to the 80s music on the radio. It's a happier moment to have a photo of two smiling faces rather than one.

8. Electronic gadgets - Your smartphone isn't so intelligent if it's dead. Bring your phone charger, computer charger, or any other gizmo you may need on this trip. You never know when you'll need to access your hotel bookings, look at a map, or call your mum to tell her how you're doing.

9. Pen & paper - Sometimes a pen and paper are more convenient. I'm more likely to remember and see something if I actually write it down on paper. Jot down the name of that tiny cafe you went to for espresso and croissants. Doodle some drawings in your down time. Play hangman with your friend after a long day of action.

10. Survival kit - Bandaids, ibuprofen, water, napkins, plastic utensils, toilet paper, bottle opener.

I recently went on a road trip, so these items are fresh on my mind. Road trips are all about exploration, finding the beaten path. Please enjoy. As the Buddha said, "It is better to travel well than to arrive." Have a great week!