Rainbow Dino

Street art is awesome. Art is on walls, the back of signs, the ground. It's all public, like an enormous free museum. Someone took the time out of their day to make it and display it anonymously. Some are stickers, some are stencils, some are drawn by hand, but all are rad. Kick back and take a look. Enjoy the art of the streets.

I do a lot of walking, so I am able to see the little things. I see the empty beer bottles tossed in bushes and in the gutters. I see the cigarette butts, the abandoned dog poops, the abundance of litter, the occasional nickel or penny. I see it all. Sometimes, if I'm really lucky, I spot some art. Street art is its own little world. Look at the characters and the penmanship and the words. Some may call it graffiti, but I call it a masterpiece of modern art.

These particular works of art all come from one city. This city is an arm reach away from the beach. You can go eastbound or westbound. You can ride the train, enjoy the sun, and the warmth of California almost any month of the year. This is Oceanside.

Please leave a comment with the title of the art you like the most. :]
Tide Rises
Naked Lady