Sometimes all you need is a bit of adventure. You know? One of those days that never seems to end. You'll look back and have countless stories. It's all about a good old fashioned jam packed day. It reminds me of those hot summers back in my elementary school years. My friend and I used to walk, meet up, and watch cartoons, eat candy, and write our handmade mini magazine. Some things changes. Some things don't change. This particular adventure is almost incidental. But sometimes a journey requires a few key items. This particular adventure needs:

+ A friend
+ A zest for life
+ Candy
+ Nature

My adventure guest stars Andrea, one of my best homies. Andy and I took a long stroll to the convenience store for some necessary items to get the most out of our day. Of course, she forgot her wallet. If it wasn't her, it'd be me. We're that type of people. We bought sweets. Too many sweets. My stomach paid for it later, as I got a horrible belly ache. Kids, remember not too eat too much sugar or you'll end up like me!

Sour gummy worms? No. We prefer to call them Sour Jacks. Well, that's the CVS version anyway. Andy & I liked the name, so we decided to call all gummy candies Sour Jacks. These poor guys fell out of the bag. Rest in peace Sour Jacks! You'll be missed. Not really. My stomach already started to hurt at this point.

Arizona Iced Tea. One of earth's greatest ideas. Many flavors for all types of taste buds. We went with Mucho Mango because we figured it'd go well with our Bacardi. It did. This photo was taken at our second rest stop of our arduous trek. We needed a refresher. Mission accomplished. What's your favorite Arizona Iced Tea drink?

We ventured to a really cool nature spot, our usual hangout. It involves a bit of a hike, but it's worth it. We like to 'blast' music on our phones, drink our juice or beer or whatever thirst-quencher we have on hand, and enjoy our time. After a few hours of talking, picking flowers, and dancing, we felt completely inspired by the nature. 

And perhaps the most important lesson of the day, don't be afraid to take risks. After all, you miss all the shots you don't take. Step outside of your comfort zone. Go somewhere different. No flower is the same. Take a shot at life.

P.S. Happy Earth Day! Earth is a lovely place so every day should be earth day!
/// Carmen