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Carmen's Forever 21 Giveaway! (Closed)

Hello everyone! I've been writing and blogging for a long time. How long? 3 YEARS! May 2014 marks the 3 year anniversary of this website. It's been a work in progress, but practice makes perfect, right? In celebration, I'm hosting a giveaway for friends and fans alike. This contest is more geared toward ladies, but men, you can enter to if you want. I don't judge!

Contest ends May 16 at 12 a.m. PST!


1. Cut out chevron hoops. A pair of faceted hoops with cut out chevron pattern. Post backs. High polish finish. Medium weight.
2. Pair of ankle socks featuring comic pattern. Knit. Light weight.
3. Muscle tee with french fries graphic. Crew neck. Raw cut arm holes. Size: SMALL
4. Chain necklace with heart pendant that says "I Love You". High polish finish. Lobster clasp. Light weight.

**All items are brand new & in their original packaging!

To enter PLEASE CLICK HERE. **If you don't use the link, I cannot verify your entry!!**
Basically all you need to do is...
1. Leave a comment about why you like my blog.
2. "Like" my Facebook Page.
**Please fulfill the BOTH entry requirements! I will be checking. :]

That's it! It's pretty easy! Just click the link & do what it says. :]

I just want to thank everyone for their support over the years. This website is my heart and soul, and I thank you for sharing this journey with me. Keep reading! Stay cool. Stay positive. Stay updated.


  1. Your blog is just amazing in general :)
    Love everything you write because its so raw and real.♥
    Keep doing what you do girl ^-^

  2. I enjoy reading your blog because you post interesting comment, and have a writing style that is fun to read. It kind of gives the feeling of just virtually hanging out and chatting with you, since your style is so fluid and not stiff like that of a lot of bloggers I have seen.

  3. cute, original, and interesting blog :)

  4. I don't know why it hasn't allowed me to post my comment, so I'm trying a different way to see if this will work!
    I love your blog because you are a great writer, you words have a personal touch and feel as if I am having a conversation with you. It helps me keep up with your life even though I life far away now :)

  5. I like to read your blog because I like you. You took me trick or treating in your neighborhood one year and that was rad. And you post about how salads are cool...who else would do that?

  6. I like your blog because it's reflects the the happy, cheerful, quirky girl that you are, and I miss Freshman Biology because of that ;)

  7. Anastacia BrumidisMay 10, 2014 at 11:54 AM

    You have a random cute but informative sense of humor and a positive outlook on life!

  8. I love your uniqueness and how it shines thru....not to mention the more of them!


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