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HARD Summer 2014 Playlist: Day 1

One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain. So hit me with music. Hit me with music. Hit me with music. Hit me with music now. That's according to Bob Marley anyway. But isn't it true? Music is a release. It's like a getaway from life. You lose yourself in the moment. Man, I can't wait to get lost for two days. August 2 + 3 can't come fast enough. Although, let's be real. It will come quickly. Things you look forward to always come at you rapidly, mercilessly.

I took the liberty of creating a YouTube playlist of HARD Summer 2014 artists. I wanted to get hyped on this rad EDM fest without having to hop from one place to another. I hope you enjoy. There are a lot of artists playing at HARD Summer, so the playlist is a work in progress. Keep checking back and the list will get bigger and bigger. I guarantee it.

Get pumped. Get hyped. Get your friends. Get ready to go HARD.
You're welcome.

Initially, I wanted to have one complete playlist, but that proved to be much too long. As it is, the Day 1 playlist is nearly 90 songs and 7 hours long. But I wanted it to be complete; you can listen to it all and have a good feel for each artist.

Blast this HARD Summer 2014 playlist at your next party. Blast this playlist as you drip sweat during a killer workout. Blast this playlist to get you pumped up before work or class. Blast this playlist alone. Blast this playlist with friends. Blast this playlist in the shower. Blast this playlist before bed (WARNING: this playlist may hype you up rather than get you sleepy). The point is: blast this playlist.

Let's get excited. After all, this is a shared experience. We'll be there together. The EDM community is a great one! My question to you: who are your top 5 must see artists? Comment below!

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