Los Angeles. El Rey. Danny Brown. A perfect combination. The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles is an art deco theatre with serious style. Upon arrival, you'll see the classic marquee and signage. Bright. Bold. Timeless. Built in 1936, the establishment started off as a movie theatre. Now it serves as a venue for all types of musicians. Saturday May 3, I saw Danny Brown in the flesh. It was better than I imagined.

I vividly recall the large chandeliers dangling gracefully from the ceiling and the red velvet curtains on stage. I liked the vibe. Boyfriend and I arrived at 9 p.m., assuming that nothing would start on time. However, opening act ZelooperZ was already on stage. He was tall and thin. He wore a red long sleeve shirt and what, at first glance, appeared to be a strainer on his head. It was not a strainer. It was in fact a metallic backwards hat. I kinda wish it was a strainer, but the hat was cool too.

I was struck by his beats. His live performance was entertaining, the music moving throughout your head and into your body. He had a stage presence alright. He came down to the supposed mosh pit and told everyone to go crazy but not to touch him. This is understandable seeing as he's trying to perform not get punched in the face. The mosh pit consisted of teen boys who looked like they were playfully pushing each other for thrill. Despite the non-violence, they still managed to knock ZelooperZ's mic out of his hand, to which he responded by once again telling the crowd not to bump into him. He told the DJ to restart the tune and started over.

It was an act I can respect as well as enjoy. Kudos. 

Next up was A$ton Matthews. He had his hype crew squirting us with water guns and throwing water bottles to the audience. Anything for a reaction I guess. The music didn't move me as much as ZelooperZ, but a few things did stand out.

1. The water guns
2. Water bottles (gotta hydrate, right? See #3 & 4)
3. Smoking blunts on stage (not Aston, but his crew)
4. Lighters up & blunts out

Basically, Aston was the blaze master, encouraging the showgoers to whip out the blunts that they so cleverly hid. It was a touching moment. Everyone was sharing. And sharing is caring. I'm glad everyone cared.

El Rey never responded to my query of obtaining a press pass, so pardon the photo quality. Unless you wanted to mosh, you were stuck on the sidelines. Regardless, I loved Danny Brown. I think we'd be great friends. He has a cool aura and funky personality. He performs with passion but never loses his sense of self. I especially adored "Kush Coma," which is a given. Some people got blunted, but Aston pretty much wiped the congregation out marijuana-wise.

"25 Bucks" truly stuck out to me; I'm pretty sure a tiny tear attempted to roll down my face until I told it to get it together and get back into my eyeball. I'm not sure why, but it moved me. That's all you can ask from music. You just want it to touch you, make you feel something.

After all was said and done, Danny came back out for one last tune. He sat on a chair with what seemed to be an unopened Maker's Mark bottle. Unopened! The song finished. He thanked the masses. My boyfriend and I immediately commented on the show's excellence. The crowd chanted, "One more song! One more song!" to no avail. Then people, slowly but surely, exited the building. Fun, memories, and good beats were had by all. Or at least by me. ;]

That's all folks. Do you like Danny B? What's your favorite Danny Brown track?