Tis the season for music festivals! You can practically hear the music in your ear. Maybe you do; it's the headphones! For most ladies, we're contemplating what to wear. After all, music fests are chock full of photo opportunities, memories, meeting new people and possibly even various artists! 

I've lined up three looks with the hot sun in mind. Music fests are long and usually multiple days. You want something that can stand the test of time as well as stand the test of sweat from all the dancing and heat. Today we have the Bold Girl, the Casual Girl, and the Boho Girl. Which one are you?

The Bold Girl - The bold girl is the one who likes colors, patterns, and accessories. She doesn't mind wearing all of them together. And why not? She's fierce! She has a distinct persona. After all, you could spot her from a mile away. She may be loud and opinionated. She is confident in her style, her womanhood, her ideals. She's kind, but she won't let you walk all over her. Her music festival style is a rainbow of colors yet polished.

The Casual Girl - The casual girl is the one who always says "I'm down" or "Wherever you want to go." That's not because she doesn't care, it's because she's happy doing anything. She makes the most of the situation and enjoys the moments as they come. She is down-to-earth and easy to get along with. Her music festival style all about comfort and practicality. 

The Boho Girl - The boho girl, also known as bohemian, is the one who closes her eyes and let's the music envelope her. She's attracted to fridge, embroidery, tribal/ethnic patterns, layers, you know...the classic hippie chic. She's her own woman and likely already has tickets for the next music fest. Her music festival style is laid back and free-spirited. 

Which girl are you? What's your music festival style? Or are you a mixture? Which music festivals are you planning to attend in 2014? Let me know in the comments below! :]