This is my first outfit post!!! :] I spent a lot of time focusing on my words, not my face. I'm a writer first & foremost. I wanted my poetry, my creative writing, my thoughts to speak for themselves. But things change & blossom & grow. I realized that people want to know a person, a human. Who is Carmen? What's she like? She writes but what does she look like? I'm putting all your (non-existent) questions to rest. Here I am! :]

It's a gorgeous San Diego day. The sun is shining. The ocean breeze is light. The palm fronds sway gently. It's 70 degrees out & it feels divine. 

I determined that it's the perfect day for a tank, a light skirt, & some sandals. Thank you California for blessing us with absolutely delightful weather today. Luckily, it's a far cry from the terrible fires we had. 

If I can, I like mixing colors, patterns, & textures. I like looking at the details. At first you see the overall painting, then you take a better look & notice the little things. Style is like an art. :]

I love optical illusions. Look at my legs! Whoa trippy. Hehe.

Top: hand me down // Skirt: Forever 21 // Sandals: H&M // Earrings: H&M // Sunglasses: Marshalls

Woo. Thanks for reading y'all. Wishing you a happy day! What's your favorite thing to wear on a warm (almost) summer day? :]

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